Who We Are

Fighting for Mental Health

Supporting Life-Changing Organizations

Courtnall Society for Mental Health, formerly known as the Courtnall Celebrity Classic Society, was founded to raise funds and awareness for mental health. Since 2003, the Courtnall brothers have held star-studded events, raising over $3 million to fund the opening of the Royal Jubilee Hospital’s Archie Courtnall Centre and to provide vital support to the hospital’s Patient Care Centre. Today, our efforts are dedicated to raising funds to provide grants to organizations helping those with mental health challenges.

Our Values


Through our focused, efficient work ethic, we are committed to the responsible stewardship of funds and resources.


In our granting and operations, we communicate mindfully, avoid assumptions, and eliminate discrimination.


Believing that everyone deserves the same rights and opportunities, we treat people with fairness and respect.


Open, honest, and transparent, we are adaptable and embrace innovative ideas to achieve positive outcomes.

The Four Pillars

Through the lens of our four pillars, we are dedicated to supporting organizations helping individuals get the assistance they need when and where they need it most. We believe that by supporting community-based organizations through our grants, we can improve individuals’ access to help in order to build healthy and supportive networks in their community.

  • 1. Suicide Prevention

    We support programs for those in crisis, allowing them to gain quick access to the help they need.

  • 2. Children & Youth

    We support programs for children and youth to establish and maintain their mental health, as well as programs that address gaps in the system.​

  • 3. Substance Use

    We support programs that help those struggling with substance use to break the cycle of substance use and move into recovery.​

  • 4. Community Integration

    We support programs for individuals struggling with their mental health to re-integrate into their community, giving them a support network and a sense of purpose and belonging​.

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Get to know the people working behind the scenes to make CSMH a force for positive change in communities like yours.

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