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Grants from CSMH provide valuable resources for organizations to carry out projects or provide services that otherwise might not be possible. CSMH encourages applications that support and promote improvement of access and innovation in treatment for those who need mental health care.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

To qualify for a grant, programs must have a well-defined purpose and meet the following criteria.

  • Based in Canada

    Organization, program, and program recipients must be in Canada.

  • A registered charity or qualified donee

    Organization must be a registered charitable organization or qualified donee.

  • In alignment with CSMH values

    Organization and program must align with CSMH’s Values:

    • Integrity: ​Organization and/or program demonstrates sound ethical principles.
    • Inclusivity: Organization and/or program does not discriminate by race, religion, creed, ability, gender, gender expression, age, sexual orientation or on any other basis. Organization and/or program focuses on removing barriers, and includes people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.​
    • Equality: Organization and/or program operates with fairness and respect.
    • Transparency: Organization and/or program operates with openness, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.
  • In alignment with CSMH’s Four Pillars

    Program must provide support to (at least) one of the CSMH’s four pillars as listed here.

  • Organizations and programs given priority

    The CSMH gives priority to organizations and programs that: 

    • Can show measured results of services already being offered.
    • Have clear objectives and an actionable plan.
    • Are evidence-based/informed and/or support and promote improvement of access and innovation in treatment for those who need mental health care. 
    • Include a detailed budget, demonstrating value for money.
    • Address operational sustainability post-funding.
    • Identify the anticipated impact and number of individuals who can be helped.
    • Can demonstrate a sound financial framework through financial statements, preferably audited.
    • Are committed to providing a balanced representation across demographic groups and geographic areas in the province/country.
    • Are focused on reaching individuals and/or communities that do not typically have access to mainstream services.

    To support your application, you may include the following: 

    • Audited financials, financial report
    • Demonstrated sources of other funding
    • Reference letters
    • Evaluation plan

    Note that applications from start-up organizations, or organizations incorporated within the last five (5) years that are unable to provide audited financials will be considered if the above-referenced eligibility criteria are met, and if the organization can provide a financial overview, including finance policies and/or documents demonstrating fiscal responsibility.  

    Any final reports due for previous grants funded by the CSMH must have been received and approved in order for organizations to be eligible for additional grants.

  • Grants for the following will not be considered:
    • Religious organizations, activities, and services
    • Political organizations
    • Contract fundraisers
    • Private clinics
    • Sponsorship requests
    • Projects supporting neurological and/or development disorders as defined by WHO
    • Crown corporations
    • Deficit reduction and/or expenses incurred before the date of grant approval
    • Educational institutions and/or curricula development
  • Timeline and Deadlines

    Intake for grant applications will be announced on our website and through our social media channels. 

    The CSMH Board will review all grant applications and successful applicants will be notified accordingly. In order to receive a grant and prior to any fund disbursement, successful applicants will be required to sign a Grant Agreement within 30 days of notification.

    Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

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