NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support- 2023 Grant Recipient

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NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support

NEED2 Suicide Prevention Education & Support, a registered charity in Victoria, BC, focuses on preventing youth suicides through community programs and online support. With suicide remaining the leading cause of injury-related death among 12-24 year old’s, NEED2 addresses this critical issue, providing accessible and low-barrier suicide prevention services for youth.

Programs like Suicide Education and Awareness (SEA) workshops in Greater Victoria schools and Mindfulness for Middle Schools aim to improve youth mental health by reducing harmful coping behaviors, increasing help-seeking willingness, and offering bridging support to resources., NEED2’s flagship program, offers digital crisis services accessible through instant messaging and texting. This national service operates nightly, connecting youth under 30 with trained volunteer crisis responders. Last year, over 120 volunteers handled 4500+ chats/texts, with 3% requiring emergency intervention.

Recent funding from the Courtnall Society for Mental Health supports, covering approximately 250 unique crisis chats. These chats provide vital one-on-one support, helping youth navigate life’s challenges. A recent service user expressed gratitude, stating, “I want to thank you… last month you saved my life.”
“According to research by the Public Health Agency of Canada, for every suicide death, there are five self-inflicted injury hospitalizations, 25-30 suicide attempts, and seven to 10 people profoundly affected by suicide loss”

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