Hulitan – 2022 Grant Recipient

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Hulitan Family and Community Services Society 

A Coast Salish word that comes from the Cowichan dialect, Hulitan, pronounced “Hull-ee-ton”, means “saver of life, life-giver”.

Through its programs, Hulitan accompanies and empowers Indigenous families and future generations using the cultural principles of Respect, Honour, Connectedness, Humility, and Integrity. Hulitan preserves, unifies and advocates for Indigenous families by supporting healing and fostering resilience through culturally rooted programs and services in collaboration with community partners.

Originating from the SENĆOŦEN language of the WSANEC community, the word L,KI,L (pronounced LTHW,KEE,L) refers to confidence and the positive feeling arising from an appreciation of one’s own ability. Hulitan’s L,KI,L program was created to help build confidence for and empower Aboriginal children, youth and families, as well as to improve mental health and overall well-being.  

Needs Addressed include:

  • Mental – Impacts of trauma (historical and complex trauma, broken attachment, dissociation, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and developmental delays)
  • Physical – support in nurturing the body with healthy eating and physical activities
  • Spiritual – encouraging a spiritual connection through the natural environment and culturally relevant practices
  • Behavioural – ADHD, ODD, CD, anger

The grant from the Courtnall Society for Mental Health will be used to provide a weekly land-based learning camp offering tools for self-regulation, boundary setting, and psychoeducation rooted in cultural teachings for Indigenous youth. It will also provide opportunities for youth to connect to cultural teachings, knowledge keepers and community.

It was lovely to see my son arrive home buzzing about his experiences at camp. From drumming to whale watching (and learning how turkey vultures protect themselves from predators). I am most thankful for the cultural connections and teachings. My son was super excited about seeing the whales – he shared a dance that the Elder, who was present, taught the group, I teared up. How lovely to honour cultural teachings, and ancestors, plus teach the next generations! These experiences have made a difference and created lifelong memories, teachings, and treasures.”  – Parent who’s son attended Spring Break Camp 2022

“We’ve seen incredible growth in these boys, I have watched so many of t”I appreciate Hulitan for providing counselling services for my 14-year-old son over the years. The counsellor has been empathetic, patient, and helpful with my son throughout his struggles with mental health. My son is comfortable and relaxed around him and I think it is a very safe relationship they have built. My son knows he needs help and we are fortunate that Hulitan can help. Thank you. – Parent who’s son attends counselling at Hulitan

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