Getting Back on Track through Connections Place

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A place for people with mental health challenges to gain confidence, respect, hope, and opportunity, Connections Place delivers unique programming focused ​on wellness, employment, and education.​

Located in Victoria, BC, Connections Place is a community that helps people with mental illness achieve self-reliance and use their skills and talents to get their lives back on track. Following the Clubhouse International psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) model of recovery for people living with mental illness, Connections Place offers employment, education, and recreation initiatives to help those diagnosed with a mental illness. Membership is free for life for anyone over 18 years of age, and members can visit as often as they want or need. 

Community and opportunity are the guiding principles behind the work of the Connections Place Clubhouse, and it is through community integration that the Courtnall Society for Mental Health (CSMH) and Connections Place found alignment in their missions to make mental health services accessible to people in need. The recent grant from CSMH will enable members to take part in clubhouse social wellness programming such as Music group, Art Therapy, walking and cycling groups, mindful movement, and employment readiness workshops.​

Social wellness programming runs alongside the Connections Place core program—the Work-Ordered day (WOD)—the heart of every clubhouse. Mirroring regular nine-to-five days, the WOD provides members with the ability to take part in much-needed volunteer work within the clubhouse and then, as they are ready, transfer their skills and newfound confidence and experience into the world of employment.  

People struggling with their mental health need a safe place where they can be themselves, build new relationships, and begin to engage in a working community of their peers. This environment provides them with an opportunity to experience purpose and meaning in their lives. Connections Place strives to disrupt isolation and foster connection. By providing people with the opportunity to engage in evidence-based programming while building meaningful relationships within a community of peers, Connections Place helps people find recovery.

“The clubhouse gives me a sense of belonging and it’s a friendly environment. It gives me something to look forward to doing and a place to go while having a mental illness.”

—Shawna, Clubhouse member

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