East End Boys Club – 2022 Grant Recipient

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East End Boys Club

For some youth, the temptations of street and gang life, coupled with the very real lack of a support system, means that issues with addiction, mental health and poor life choices can present innumerable roadblocks. Unfortunately, parental guidance, good role models and the right mentors are either compromised or do not exist at all.

Working primarily with marginalized youth ages 13 to 19, East End Boys Club (EEBC) works to provide the support to develop strong, empathetic, compassionate young men who will not only learn to respect all aspects of their lives, but to also appreciate and engage with art and culture, in effect,becoming lifelong learners.

“This program works. Young men who were destined for the gang life were literally saved,” says Sergeant Kevin Torvak of the Vancouver Police Department.

Socio-emotional support, life-skills training, and post-secondary guidance to pursue higher education in both academic and trades skills are offered through EEBC. The EEBC Alumni Group actively participates in weekly meetings, providing vital mentorship to younger members, as do guest speakers, advisors, and donors, who share their stories of adversity and resilience, and help mentor youth to become people of integrity.

Self-actualization and self-realization, along with learning to be dependable and accountable for one’s actions are the bedrock of the EEBC. All individual circumstances are considered and EEBC works with members to recognize their potential, and to reach it. From free counselling with a registered professional, continuous mentorship from successful men in the community, and leadership seminars to ongoing programs and even financial aid when needed, the EEBC saves one individual at a time.

“This program is very dear to my heart, it changes lives.” – Frank Giustra

“We’ve seen incredible growth in these boys, I have watched so many of them overcome adversity and reach their potential.” – Francesco Aquilini

For more information visit https://www.eeboysclub.com

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