Citadel Canine Society – 2022 Grant Recipient

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Citadel Canine Society

Citadel Canine Society (Citadel), a registered Canadian charity based in Vancouver, BC, is Canada’s longest-running mission-specific PTSD service dog provider. Over the past decade, it has also grown to become one of Canada’s largest. These life-changing dogs are provided at no charge to the recipients.   

Established for the singular purpose of providing support for veterans and first responders impacted by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – OSI (Operational Stress Injury), Citadel has ongoing specialized service dog training from Newfoundland-Labrador to British Columbia. Operated entirely by volunteers, Citadel pays for qualified dog trainers who train and deliver the service dogs at greatly reduced charge-out rates, and in some cases at no charge.

Citadel dogs have been paired almost equally between Canadian Forces veterans and First Responders, with more than half of First Responder recipients being police members, including a large number from the RCMP. 

All funding to support the Citadel mission comes from individuals, corporations, and veterans’ support groups. This funding is directed towards costs associated with the training and delivery of service dogs, including adoption or rescue fees, veterinary charges, boarding expenses, dog gear (vests, crates, etc.), travel costs to move dogs in training, and connecting dogs with candidates. Currently, Citadel has a network of qualified dog trainers in the following provinces: BC (6), Alberta (1), Saskatchewan (2), Manitoba (1), Ontario (4), and Nova Scotia (3). 

Citadel welcomes inquiries from veterans and first responders via its website, with a preference that applicants are referred by therapeutic case managers affiliated with OSISS (Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) services, VAC (Veterans Affairs Canada), or DND (Department of National Defense). All candidates are vetted and must be receiving counselling from a recognized case manager, and/or a licensed health care professional.   

The Courtnall Society for Mental Health’s grant will be applied toward the greatest need of Citadel’s PTSD medical service dog program. 

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